How's the quality of custom My-Word-Magnets?

We have spent years researching and developing new technology to create incredibly durable and waterproof custom magnets. In laboratory testing these new custom magnets have even outperformed mass-produced magnets.

When will I receive my custom order?

This new technology process allows for immediate production of your custom magnets. Your order ships out the same day and, depending on your location and shipping options, you will typically receive your order in a few days, not weeks.

Can I buy My-Word-Magnets in stores?

Yes. There are several retail stores that carry My-Word-Magnets. A store finder will be available soon.

How can I add my own words at retail?

After purchase you will find a special code inside your kit that will enable you to order your custom word magnets directly from the My-Word-Magnets online store!

What are custom My-Word-Magnets made of?

Custom My-Word-Magnets are made from the same durable and waterproof commercial-grade materials as regular magnets. They are NOT made out of any sort of "do-it-yourself" magnetic paper or by inferior inkjet printing.

Do you offer any volume discounts?

Yes, from 10 to 10,000 pcs... Please contact us!